Beta Releases

This area contains the BETA version of the shareware applications. Beta release means it's not yet an official release but contains updated or improved features. And will eventually become an official release if no bugs have been found. You can check here if your request or suggestion has been fulfilled plus some of my new ideas. Request fulfillment is a case to case basis (if attainable) and follows the FIFO (first in, first out) pattern. PictureSMS 1.17 Beta - July 7, 2010 NOTE: Please read the beta user manual included in the zip file for the details of the new features. 1. NEW: SMS in the Inbox and Sent folders can now be searched using the Palm's built-in Global Search. The Find feature locates any text in the Inbox and Outbox databases. This searches for the group of characters you specify, including characters that are part of a word. And it is not case-sensitive. If you need to search for a specific SMS or all of the SMS of a particular sender, just type in a part of the SMS that you're looking for or just type the sender's name, respectively. And it will show you every SMS that suffices your search. Entering "plane" finds "planet" and "airplane".
2. NEW: Active SMS Lock feature. Protect your inbox, outbox, PictureSMS plug-in, and even the global search result (item #1) from unwanted eyes. Active SMS Lock can help you protect your SMS messages with a password so others will not be able to read them. When enabled, just enter the correct password to see the messages. You can lock inbox/outbox, PictureSMS plug-in/global search, and the New SMS Window individually or altogether. Just enable which one you want to protect. Another security feature is the Hide Password check box. Its purpose is to avoid another person from seeing the password you've been typing.
3. NEW: Scheduled SMS repeat. This feature has been requested by several individuals. Thanks guys! Scheduled SMS may now be repeated every day without entering and setting the same SMS repetitively. It will last for one or unlimited days depending on the duration set. There are 3 possible durations when Enable scheduled SMS repeat is activated; Continuous, Choose End Date, and Number of Repeat. The minimum repeat duration is 1 day and maximum repeat is forever, literally.
4. NEW: Infobox. Shows the tooltips or help information on the active controls.
5. NEW: Smiley button on SMS Scheduler window. 6. NEW: Menu + A shortcut to Add Contact in SMS Scheduler window. 7. NEW: Undo menu. 8. IMPROVED: Changed default bitmaps. 9. IMPROVED: Five-way navigation. 10. FIXED: Reset when adding a recipient using the Add Contact menu. 11. FIXED: Error when doing a backup or exporting a chat thread if /Palm/Programs/PictureSMS path in the external card is not existing. 12. FIXED: Positioning of smileys. 13. FIXED: Weird behavior of Text Template. 14. FIXED: Error when adding an invalid phone number or email address. 15. FIXED: Phone number or email address will be added as the recipient's name in Scheduled SMS if name is not available. 16. FIXED: Some smiley. Special thanks to all the people who participated in this version.